How much involvement do you feel parents should have with children?

Questions to consider as you think about your topic:

How much choice should children have when establishing rules, consequences, etc.
How much involvement do you feel parents should have with children?
What level of acceptance is appropriate when dealing with maladaptive behaviors?
How much control should parents exert over children?
How much autonomy should be allowed of children?
What are some concepts from your text/lecture that support or attack your position?
How have your own personal life experiences affected your views on these issues?
Is physical punishment an acceptable form of punishment in your home (or will it be)?
What conditions do you feel must be met in order for physical punishment to be considered “appropriate”?
What are your thoughts on “positive discipline”?
Are there particular “positive discipline” techniques that are more appealing to you than others? Why?
What are your thoughts on other forms of “alternate punishment” (time out, withdrawing privileges, etc.)
How does your child-rearing type influence your views on punishment?

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