How can one improve the quality of education in grades k-12 in the American educational system?

How can one improve the quality of education in grades k-12 in the American educational system?
Forum #1

“How can one improve the quality of education in grades k-12 in the American educational system?”

One of my assumptions is that our educational system is not competitive in the global market place relative to many other countries. One writer suggested, “If we wish to provide America with an educational system to insure they could not compete in the global market, we would give them the one they have.” You are welcome to challenge this assumption in your discussion but do so with good data.

Some data you may wish to find on the internet are as follows:

What is the average expenditure per student for public education in the U.S.?
What are some average expenditure per student in some other industrialized countries?
What is the average expenditure per student for private education?
What is the average starting pay for a teacher in the public schools?
What is the average starting pay for a teacher in the private schools?
What is the wage difference for and English teacher and for a math teacher?
How do U.S. students compare on standardized test to students from selected countries?
What are some other measures of quality of instruction for comparison purposes?
As you analyze the question, use the critical thinking elements to check your critical thinking skills. You are responsible for discussing this in your group this week and I will be reading the discussions and post comments on the discussion board under general course questions. I am particularly interested in seeing your conclusions as to what needs to done. Please keep in mind that critical thinking is not about one’s opinion. I want to see deep thinking and intellectual honesty.

Forum #2 & 3

Using the Expectancy theory of motivation as the framework for analysis, address the following questions for each case.

What is the employee’s level of motivation? High, medium, low or negative.
What is the employees EI, EII and net preference?
What are all the reasons for the employee having an EI, EII and/or net preference problems?
How would you address the motivational issue for each employee?
You have posted for this week in your module an “Outline of Expectancy theory.” You should use this outline in your analysis and discussion.

Case No. 1 (Forum 2)

The Aide who neglected patient care

Brenda, an aide on the third floor, has been with the hospital for six years. Her duties are divided into two areas: Regularly assigned duties which are performed during the shift and attending to the patients as called upon. The supervisor has noticed that Brenda spends the first part socializing with other employees. The last half of the shift, she displays a monumental effort to complete her assigned duties which she has managed to complete a few minutes before the end of her shift. The R.N. on duty complains that Brenda neglects her patient care during the latter part of the shift, as she has little time for anything besides her assigned duties. Brenda a supervisor approached her concerning the neglect of patient care. Brenda responded, ‘I do my job.”

Case No. 2 (Forum 3)

The R.N. who missed the code

Cindy is a recent graduate of a four year nursing program at a prestigious private school in New England. She finished in the top of her class and performed exceptionally well on the national nursing exam. In her three months at the county hospital, she has always arrived early to work and stayed an extra ten minutes to insure that everything is correct for the next shift. Linda, the other R.N. on the shift, has complained to the supervisor that since Cindy has been working on the shift, three Maydays have occurred. While Cindy was in no way responsible for these events, on all three occasions an R.N. from another nursing station was called in because Cindy could not be found to help out. The supervisor approached Cindy about the problem. Cindy responded, “I must have been busy somewhere else and missed the Mayday call on two occasions. On the third occasion, I heard the call but assumed that Linda could handle the situation. I’m not really sure if I could be much help. After all, Linda and the orderlies were working on the situation.”

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