Research Question: “How Can New Technologies be Implemented Successfully In Healthcare Nursing.” Emphasis/Detail: Identify the different types of strategies for Implementing Technology; Assess the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of implementation of those strategies; and, Determining Which Among Those is the most successful in Healthcare Nursing. Should be 7 pages in length (1500 words minimal). Sources should be RECENT and a mix of internet sites, journals, and books (at three professional references with at least one journal or one book (not textbook); cover page, abstract, table of contents, works cited; 12 point font (either Times New Roman or Arial); headings should be all CAPS and BOLDED


Role of Nursing in Healthcare Delivery

Course Project Part 4—Role of Nursing in Healthcare Delivery

In this week, you will study the role nursing plays in healthcare delivery.


Complete the following tasks:

  • Interview a nurse manager and discuss the nursing role in the healthcare delivery system.
  • Include questions in the interview that address the responsibilities of a nurse manager and the role’s accountability.
  • Include the interviewee’s thoughts on cost containment.

Support your responses with the readings or articles from the South University Online Library.


Use APA 6th Edition when formatting your assignment.

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