Hotel Facilities Management Research Paper

Hotel Facilities Management Research Paper

Each student will complete a research paper on an approved topic. The paper is to be 6-8 pages in length and show evidence of research, application of concepts discussed in class and include recommendations written in the action format.

The research paper will identify a facility management issue and provide a discussion paper on current trends in that issue as well as clearly identify practical applications in a hospitality facility. Apply any of the concepts discussed in class and prepare a paper that a hotel general manager could use. I.

Please write in the third-person in formal essay style. Learners will be marked on grammar and APA format, in addition to content, analysis, and conclusions drawn. A minimum of 3-5 external trade or academic references are expected to be consulted and cited in this report.

Final Paper Sample Format


Introduces topic to the reader, and provides a framework to how the paper will continue. Your introduction should create the urgency or need for your topic and ideally captivate the attention of the reader.


Introduces key information relevant to the topic, demonstrating the writer’s understanding of the topic area and the relevance to facilities management and hotels. This section also provides any relevant background information that should be considered with relation to the topic you are discussing.

The discussion section of the paper must identify key trends in the area you are writing about, and consider alternatives that are available within these trends on your topic.

Your discussion section should introduce at least 2-3 ideas or concepts related to your topic. The most successful paper generally pick 2 – 4 key areas of discussion and discuss them at length with references. A common mistake in papers is to introduce too many ideas with too little supporting information and references.


The conclusion should outline your choice or recommendation if there is one being made. The conclusion should also provide supporting information why this is being made.


Example One: Boiler Replacement

Subject: Boiler Replacement



History of Boilers

Discussion on energy impact of boilers

Discussion on types of boilers available

Costs to replace




Example Two:The Crucial Role of Preventive Maintenance Subject: Preventive Maintenance



Discussion: The crucial role of PM

Discussion: Focus areas of PM

Discussion: Financial payback of PM

Discussion: Action plan for PM program




Boiler Replacement as a Facility Management Issue

The Crucial Role of a Solid Preventive Maintenance Program in Hotels

Ozone solutions in Hotel Laundry

Sustainability – in relation to any aspect of hotels (i.e. lighting, pools, F&B, Guest Rooms)

Renovation Planning in Hotels

Guest Room Technology Trends

Asset Management in Hotels

Air-Conditioning in Hotels and their impact on guest comfort

Lighting Trends in Hotels

Hotels Security – Either as a general discussion topic, or specific to certain areas or a focus area

Emergency Preparedness in Hotels

Smart Energy Management Systems

The Internet of Things in Hotels (IoT)

Current Design Trends in Boutique Hotels

Data Management as a Security Issue in Hotels

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