Where should we place the blame–chronologically and policy-wise–for New York City’s urban crisis and mid-seventies financial meltdown? Do you think the Lindsay administrations alleviated the problems facing the Big Apple or did they further pave the city’s road to implosion? What were the effects of New York’s financial collapse, and how did municipal neglect and capital divestment of certain neighborhoods actually work toward an innovative cultural explosion?
Grades will be based on the following assessments: content and analysis, organization and style.Try not to be overly mechanical in your writingbe smooth and lively (take a cue from the readings youve been assigned).
Citing: You dont need a works cited page, but you do need to either use footnotes or in-text (parenthetical) citations. If you use footnotes, you can just enter the last name of the author and the page # (and no, thats not proper Chicago style but for these purposes itll do). If you use in-text citing, just put the authors name and page # within parenthesis.
Authors names are on the syllabus. If page numbers arent readily available, then base it on the sources numerical flow (if not paginated, then if its the seventh page in order, then call it 7).

**PLEASE USE SOURCES BELOW, while you do not need to use all of them just make sure that you use whatever you need for the essay, these are the sources I was given and I need to at least make sure that they cited.**

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