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Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Top Of The Rock Production.At present, Frost productions is engaged in lightening, audio, video décor, staging, venue spot light and media services (Frost Productions, 2013b. Frost Productions, 2013c).Mission and goals are the building blocks of an organization. They guide the actions of an organization and define the goals and objectives. Whether an organization is big or small, having a mission is the first step for setting up a business. Frost production was established as a lighting company in New York. The company quickly expanded its base to other cities and very soon became a pioneer in event management.The mission of the company is to provide distinctive and unique event experience to the client. The company aims to provide excellent service in managing the overall execution of events. In the current scenario, the company aims to organize an international live music on the local grounds of Guam. The company has decided to bring in top performing artists on this island and with the participation of international companies and local vendors, make this a successful event (Ekeledo & Sivakumar, 2004). In the present situation, the company is concerned with finding a suitable fairground for organizing the event.The goal of the event company is to offer the best quality event at a reasonable cost for the general public. The event organization aims to host local as well as international programs for artists four times in a year, with the objective of gaining reputation and providing best choices for the islanders. Frost Productions aims to organize best food, refreshments and music available to the consumers.Core competencies can be described as the strategic advantages or the main strengths of an organization or a business. Core competencies or core capabilities of an organization are the tangible and intangible resources which differentiates an organization from its competitors as well as the overall market (Courtney, Navarro & OHare, 2007, pp.34–46). Core competencies of an

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