health information technology system

  • Investigate a health information technology system or health information technology application in your area of interest. The health information technology system/application may be in any setting where health care information is developed or managed. You may choose your system or application from any organization or virtual environment.

    Examples of health information technology systems or health information technology applications that are acceptable include but are not limited to:

    • Consumer health applications
    • Clinical information systems
    • Electronic medical record (EMR) systems in hospitals or provider offices
    • Home health care applications
    • School health applications
    • Patient portal/personal health record
    • Public health information systems
    • Telehealth (i.e., from facility to home)
    • Simulation laboratories
    • Health care informatics research and development centers
  • Discuss your proposed health information technology system/application with your Instructor before proceeding with your final selection. You may visit a health care organization in person or virtually in order to make your final choice about the health information technology system or health information technology application of interest.
  • Choose the best strategy to gain information about your selected information technology system/application. Some ways to gather information include virtual visits; vendor demonstrations; on-site visits; interviews via face-to-face, phone, or teleconference. You must conduct at least one interview for this project.
  • Complete a literature search to gather information about your selected information technology system. You may also need to review related scholarly articles to help answer the questions presented below
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