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Complete Practice Exercise 11 pg 157 and Practice Exercise 11 pg180 in the textbook. For the data set listed, use Excel to extract the mean and standard deviation for the sample of lengths of stay for cardiac patients. Use the following Excel steps:


1) Enter the data set into Excel.

2) Click on the Data tab at the top.

3) Highlight your data set with your mouse.

4) Click on the Data Analysis tab at the top right.

5) Click on Descriptive Statistics in the analysis tool list.

6) Find the mean and standard deviation of the data sets.

7) Send the results to instructor via e-mail, along with your analysis of the description of the data set.


APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.


Must  submit your excel spreadsheets as separate documents. Your narrative analysis of the data sets must be submitted as a separate word.doc to the assignment.  

This assignment has 4 documents to the assignment section:

1.    Page 157  – An excel spreadsheet 

2.    Page 157 – A word document 

3.    Page 180 – An excel spreadsheet 

4.    Page 180 – A word document 



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