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In the 1990’s companies like Dell and Sematech created a ____ advantage in the Austin area









 Question 2  

Employment tables, data, etc do not include Agricultural employment, due to

ultiple_choice_question   30572859


fluctuations in grocery prices


most Agriculture production is done with machines


agricultural employment is seasonal


none of these is true

 Question 3  

Currently (as of the 2010 Census estimate) over ____ of Texas population is non-Anglo*       Note:  * White or Caucasian is an overall category that includes Hispanics, while “Anglo” does not.</p>

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 Question 4  Match the type of constitutional power with the correct description–reference is chapter 2matching_question   30572861

Match the type of constitutional power with the correct description–reference is chapter 2

match the below

concurrent power

powers that both state and federal governments share or provide at the same time

expressed power

powers specifically identified for the federal government

reserved power

established for states by 10th Amendment

interstate commerce

regulating inland waterways, air and highway transportation

police powers

governments responsibility to provide public safety, education, public health

intrastate commerce

regulating trucking industry, gas and oil production


Question 5  Utilities like CPS are classified as multiple_choice_question   30572863











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