FIN203 Essentials of Financial Management

You must answer ALL the questions. (Total 100 marks)
Question 1
Sharon, a long-time classmate, contacted you recently. She is thinking of setting up a business
with two other ex-colleagues, Mandy and Terence, to design and sell a specialised posture
corrector belt for women. All three of them are expected to be involved in running the day-today operations and will fund the business with their own savings. They do not wish to lose
more money than the amount they invest.
If the business goes according to plan over the next 12 to 18 months (where sales and customer
based have grown significantly, and payments to suppliers are voluminous), she envisages that
a finance manager will need to be recruited. Several months down the road, certain decisions
relating to procurement of new machinery and renovation of a factory in Tuas will need to be
made. Based on her preliminary computations, the cash flows from assets in the first three years
is estimated to be -$360,000.
While there is a vision to expand into neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Thailand and
Vietnam (where significant funds need to be raised externally), this is not an immediate
priority. At some point in time, Sharon would like to divest a portion of her business interest,
and donate the proceeds to Singapore Children’s Society, a charitable organisation.
You have been appointed by Sharon as a consultant. She has requested for you to draft a
memorandum to advise her on the matters set-out below.
(a) Examine which of the three (3) forms of business should be used.
(12 marks)
(b) Prioritise the roles and responsibilities of the finance manager who will be hired within
the next year or two.
(12 marks)
(c) Discuss why negative cash flows from assets during the first three years is not
necessarily a bad sign for the business.
(9 marks)
FIN203 Tutor-Marked Assignment
Question 2
800 Super Holdings Limited (“800 Super”) is an established environmental services provider
for both the public and private sectors in Singapore. The Company’s environmental services
include waste management and waste treatment, cleaning and conservancy, horticultural
services and industrial laundry processing.
The financial statements for the two most recent financial years are denominated in SGD, 000
(thousands) and appended below:
Income Statement 2018 2017
Revenue 151,115 156,923
Other income 497 427
Other losses – net (198) (104)
Purchase of supplies and disposal charges (26,939) (23,730)
Sub-contractor charges (3,596) (2,796)
Depreciation of property, plant and
(10,085) (9,019)
Other expenses (24,559) (21,233)
Employee benefits expenses (73,587) (78,855)
Interest expenses (901) (853)
Profit before income tax 11,747 20,760
Income tax expense (2,629) (3,665)
Net profit 9,118 17,095

FIN203 Tutor-Marked Assignment
Balance Sheet 2018 2017

Current Assets
Cash and cash equivalents 5,605 25,086
Trade and other receivables 34,698 30,312
Inventories 1,367 680
Other assets 1,786 1,687

Non-Current Assets
Other assets 1,464 1,495
Property, plant and equipment 166,023 99,429

Total Assets 210,943 158,689

Current Liabilities
Trade and other payables 31,894 20,173
Current income tax 1,127 2,887
Borrowings 18,545 11,009

Non-Current Liabilities
Borrowings 70,523 41,001
Deferred income tax 3,770 2,323

Share capital 22,772 22,772
Other reserves 3,079 48
Retained profits 59,233 58,476

Total Liabilities and Equity 210,943 158,689
As a financial analyst of 800 Super, you are required to write a report to the board of directors
covering the areas set out below.
(a) Appraise the liquidity, leverage, efficiency and profitability over the last two years.
(20 marks)
(b) Deconstruct the return on equity for both years and discuss your observations.
(12 marks)
Note that, where relevant, the number of days in the year is assumed to be 365 (three hundred
and sixty-five).
[Hint: Marks are awarded for computation of financial ratios as well as analysing and
interpreting the same.]
FIN203 Tutor-Marked Assignment
Question 3
You are 30 years old today and have $50,000 to invest until you retire at 62. Tim, your financial
planner, advises you to invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs) which generates 7%
return each year. On reaching 50, he advises to re-allocate the investment to a safer investment
i.e. Singapore government securities, which yields 3% return each year.
(a) Solve the amount you will have on retirement.
(8 marks)
(b) Formulate three (3) different strategies to increase the amount on retirement.
(6 marks)
(c) On retirement, you intend to use a portion of your investment to purchase an annuity.
Two options have been presented to you:
 Standard plan: $9,000 per year
 Escalating plan: $7,500 in first year, pay-out increase by 2% every year
Pay-outs for both plans start from 65 years onwards and the upfront premium for both
plans are the same. Life expectancy in Singapore is 90 years and the discount rate is
assumed to be 3%.
Compare both annuities and prioritise your options.
(12 marks)
(d) Due to unforeseen events, there is an urgent need to borrow $15,000 to pay for your
family member’s medical bills. You could borrow through your credit cards, which
charge an interest of 18.5% per year (compounded daily). Alternatively, you can draw
down on a cash line facility which charges interest of 20% per year, calculated on a
monthly basis.
Solve the effective annual rate for the credit cards and cash line facility. Examine which
is your preference.
(9 marks)

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