Family Present during Resuscitation Effort

Ethical Issue Paper: Topic; Family Present during resuscitation effort. Should family members allow the choice to be present during resuscitation of their love ones?

1. Keep it focused enough to address it thoroughly. Use the literature to support your position. Be comprehensive, clear & concise. Try to be objective, ask questions.

2. Paper must be 12 maximum, double spaced, excluding the title and reference page, must comply with APA format

1. Introduction of the topic in a brief paragraph
2. Give the background of the key ethical issue and its relevance to health care/and or nursing
3. What does the scholarly literature say about the issue?
4. Identify the ethical principles that guide this particular issue and how they are being supported or compromised. What makes this an ethical issue?
5. Who (groups, prominent individuals, organizations/agencies) supported which viewpoint? Does the ANA have a viewpoint?
6. What suggestions would you make to try to solve the issue? What suggestions did the above make?
7. what is the impact of this issue on health care, the public, nursing?
8. Specifically, what recommendation (s) would you make regarding this issue and why?
(Please follow the above guidelines, references should not be more than 10 years old. References should be scholarly articles. You can include the doi # )

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