Explore the importance of complying with health care regulations

In this assignment, you will research negligence and malpractice cases and create guidelines for complying with regulatory laws.
Directions: Using your course materials and/or the Internet, research medical negligence and malpractice cases related to healthcare
Try to examine at least three cases so that you can get a clear and broad picture of what types of cases are commonly brought up in healthcare.
Imagine you work for a health care company. Use the research you have done to create negligence and malpractice guidelines for the employees in your department.
In your written assignment:
Introduce a brief definition of negligence and malpractice so as to eliminate any confusion among employees in your department who may be unfamiliar with those terms.
Highlight specific examples of negligence and malpractice as they appear in the legal cases you researched.
What is the impact of their illegal practices?
Provide an example of how the act or behavior could be performed legally and explain how it can be distinguished from the negligence or malpractice you identified in your example.
Explore the importance of complying with health care regulations. What is at stake for the individuals involved in the case for failing to comply with regulation?
In your guidelines, emphasize the importance of complying with regulatory laws.
Length:Minimum four (4) and a Maximum of six (6) pages with title page and reference page.
Follow APA guidelines in formatting your paper. Times New Roman serif with 12 font
References: Include your textbook and a minimum of two (2) other sources.

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