essay due tuesday

Assignment 1b

Essay (Individual)

Weighting: 40%

Date/time/method of submission:

Assessment due on Tuesday

Word count: 2000


Individual Essay


Mullins (2011) says that good effective human relations at work foster the efficiency and performance of staff and their commitment to the objectives of the organisation.    This demands that proper attention be given to human resource management and employee relations.

In analysing selected policies, activities and functions of the HRM role within HEAT critically discuss and evaluate  the impact that good or bad leadership can have on the success or failure of these and the overall  impact it may have to an organisation within your industry.


Marking Criteria

·       Research and use of literature                            20%

·       Content, knowledge and understanding                       30%

·       Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation                     20%

·       Organisation and coherence                                10%

·       Clarity of expression                                              10%

·       Quality of referencing                                            10%


Further Guidance of Assessment Criteria

The essay should be:           

  A Word compatible document

  in Arial 11 or 12 point;


• 1.5 line spaced                    ;


 The front page should include:-

• The Module name and code

• Your student number

• Your tutor’s name

  Assessment number

  Word count


   Introduce the essay: what you are going to write about and how you are going to approach the question,

   Research and select the relevant information

   Distinguish between evidence and opinion,

♦   Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of study skills and graduate attributes,

   Plan and structure the information so that different points of view are presented,

   Put your own point of view, supported by evidence from your research and hospitality experience, however, first person references are to be avoided as they show a lack of maturity and professionalism,

   Conclude your essay with reference to the question,

   Use appropriate Harvard system to reference your information/research (minimum 8 references),

   Check grammar and spelling

  • Minum 10 references

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