Embryo screening

ethical practices and or issues

The topic must be based on ethical practices and or issues in nursing or health care. the body of the paper should be a minimum of four pages double spaced in a 12 point font Times new Roman with 1 inch margins all around using APA format. the paper should have proper documentation techniques APA format and should cite the source any direct quotation it is graded on accuracy clarity and how well you explain and argue for your position. the paper must include a bibliography of sources used to must be from research studies and two from other sources.

Introduction, the introduction is inviting it states the thesis and previews the structure of the paper.

Organization, keep the paper flowing keep focused and stay on the topic make it clear and easy-to-read paragraph transitions are logical and maintain the flow of thought throughout the paper.

Ethical issues, explore the selected issue and discuss its impact and or relevance on nursing clearly and comprehensively explore the selected issue and discuss its impact.

Support the topic, there must be discussed at least one pro and con for the issue preferably two or three the ethical views from the chart are supported with relevant and quality details thank you the reader important information that goes beyond the obvious or predictable.

Ethical principles and duties, concepts assumptions inferences and conclusions are clearly and thoroughly expressed.

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