Effectiveness Change: Reflection and Planning

Effectiveness Change: Reflection and Planning

The purpose of the critical thinking and writing paper is to allow the student to reflect on their personal journey into
professional nursing. Students are asked to consider their own philosophy of nursing in comparison to a nursing theorist.
In addition, students will reflect on the system as a whole and examine ways to implement change that results in increased
client safety.
Paper Guidelines:
1. Philosophy

Personal: What is your philosophy of professional nursing?

How should it be practiced?

What are the core values, that you believe, are the hallmarks of an excellent nurse?

Theory – Briefly describe the theory you selected and why you selected it.

How would this influence you’re your practice?

Comparison: How does this compare to your philosophy of nursing?

2. Reflection

Perception: Before you came into the nursing program, what did you think nurses did?

Where did you get these ideas?

Talk about how your perceptions have changed over the last 2 years.

Was there a specific event or person who influenced your perception of the role of the nurse?

Goals: What goals are you setting for yourself over the next year and in 5 years (for example: education, type of
practice setting, etc.)?

3. Incident

Situation: Think of an incident that occurred over the past-2 years (a near miss, med error, fall, sentinel event,
etc) Consider any setting, clinical or your work environment.

Keep in mind the National Safety Goals and Never Events.

Describe the event.

Analysis: How did it happen?

What was your role in the event?

Trace the cause back to the root of the problem (root cause analysis {RCA}). What was the cause of the event?
How did the system fail? Is it reparable?

4. Prevention

Solution: What can be done so this does not happen again?

Devise a plan to prevent this from happening again.

How would you implement this plan?

Where would you start?

Who would need to be involved?

Be sure to include what you have learned about communication, leadership style, chain of command, etc.
Data: Use the literature to find ways to change the system.

How would you use data to increase system efand minimize harm?

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