Before you start working on this Learner Activity, read R4 (article on diversimilarity) carefully. This Learner Activity is based on that article and the key focus is to identify similarities and differences between you and another individual.

Select a person in this class or any other class (or work group) who is very different from you on at least two dimensions of personal identity identified by Loden (refer to R5 for Loden’s dimensions of personal identity).

Describe yourself and your interviewee in terms of personal identity dimensions.

Identify the differences in values, attitudes, behaviours or other factors between you and the other member that arise because of the difference between you (on the dimension of personal identity). For example, if the person chosen is older than you are, what are the differences between you due to the age factor? How would these differences affect your job/school performance/expectations?

Now, identify the personality dimensions on which you are similar. What do those similarities mean? What commonalities can you find? Try to focus on job or school-related issues and elaborate on how the commonalities and differences would affect your work behaviors/expectations.

What have you learned from doing this exercise? NOTE: The answers to the first three questions can be common to both reports, but you should submit individual responses to the fourth question. You must try to relate concepts from R4 to this Learner Activity.

Sample Solution

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