Discussion Board Spring 3

Answer this question by referencing the readings and the lecture as well as by providing your own opinions and impressions.

We have now looked at fraud and abuse issues and corporate structure and governance.  Taking into account the complexity of managing a health care organization, and the intricacies of fraud and abuse laws, how do we insure that a health care corporation does not get off track and end up running afoul of the law?

Choose a particular health care organization that you are interested in (i.e., a hospital, nursing home, managed care organization, or whatever) and discuss what a governing board can do and what they can adopt that will help to avoid running afoul of the fraud and abuse laws (hint: there is a discussion in the text on this).  Write a memo, as the chief compliance officer of your health care organization, outlining a broad proposal, specific to your type of organization, suggesting to the Board of Governors an overall plan of compliance.  Rather than just parroting any guidelines, try to tailor them to your organization and make it understandable to all the Board members, some of whom may not know much of healthcare business and billing practices.

I am looking for about one to one and a half pages of information, so don’t get so specific so that it goes beyond that.

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