***Post 1 Choose a topic from the unit’s reading assignment. Discuss it thoroughly. It must be between 150 to 250 words. Do not exceed the word count, but do not fall short of the 150-word requirement. This post must be in your own words. Any instances of copied material from ANY source will result in an automatic zero

To improve your grades, you need to follow these directions in postings and in assignments:
1) Cite/Reference the text,

2) Apply your work/real life experiences and create a story that applies the concept.

3) All work must be in depth and follow to required format.

It is not about quantity, but it is important for me to see quality.

Topic are:

Chapter 4 Criminal Acts and Intentional Torts

***Post 2 choose other concepts from the unit’s reading assignment and explain it thoroughly, the same as “Post 1”
Topic are:
        Chapter 5 What Makes a Contract

***Post 3: draft a story for another concept, the same as “Post 2”
Topic Are:
        Chapter6 Medical Malpractice and Other Lawsuits

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