Discussion Assignment

Week 4 -Discussion Assignment

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As we continue our discussion about motivation from a managerial point of view, it is necessary to have more than one source in order to compare ideas as to whether altering motivational behavior can indeed be accomplished in the workplace.  Please read the Manzoni and Barsoux work as cited in HBR (2011) pp. 54-64,  there are other considerations around motivation that may inadvertently or intentionally inhibit motivational factors.

The assignment for this week is to continue to read Herzberg as cited in HBR (2011) on motivation. Also, read pp. 54-64 of the Manzoni and Barsoux work in the HBR (2011) that is titled, The-Set-Up-To-Fail Syndrome.

Please research at least two “new” articles other than the assigned readings and present how motivation or non-motivating tactics from a managerial perspective impacts engagement or productivity in the workplace.   The articles need to be from professional and/or academic sources.  You may want to reflect on the topic area you selected for this research so that you are moving that work forward.   Using business case studies that are relevant – perhaps a company that uses best practices to motivate employees or one that has not been encouraging the workplace to growth- hence possibly evident in reduced business.  It appropriate to use the prior readings about leadership style and emotional intelligence in the article analysis.

Please present the articles and an analysis of the use of leadership styles use to create the environment for motivating the workplace.   The viewpoint selected may be used positively or negatively to promote engagement and productivity of an employee or team.

Therefore, this week has students not only reading and viewing the required assignments but also finding at least two (2) new pieces of literature either professional or academic that will support one’s idea on whether motivational habits can be changed.

This is to be an in-depth discussion for both initial as well as reply to one other student.  Be sure to view the video and if appropriate use the material within the discussion.  You may use personal examples.

Guide – (optional) – you may present this material as you wish – about a page is sufficient, present the article and then address the below or add what you think is important about the article and relevant to our coursework.  Please use clear and concise writing which is essential in this class.  Just providing a guide below in case you would like a starting place.  Citations are APA and a must.  Bolded Assignment.

· Introduction – your thoughts on motivation – can motivational behaviors and/or habits be changed?  Or, why did you select the article?  

· Key finds from the readings – perhaps an Aha moment – use a quote from the textbook or reflect on what you learned from reading the article.

· Present your understanding of motivational behaviors with a framework around a managerial perspective, or leadership approach within an organization as this relates to the articles selected. 

· Summary -Analysis – Clearly summarize an analysis from the readings and how you may be able to use this new knowledge moving forward or provide your thoughts – did you agree with the author(s).  Why or why not (?).

· NOTE: 2 new research articles and the textbook/or video are to be used.  Reply to only one student.  

This is an opportune time to research materials around your selected topic area to move that work forward.  Building upon work is both an excellent way to inspire knowledge capabilities that will resonate and also provides applicable real day to day meaning to the coursework.  This approach also saves time and each completed assignment can add value to our work and build toward the final paper.

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