discuss your state licensure and certification requirements for the professional practice of psychology.


 Professional Development Plan:

In this 12 to 15 page paper, review and discuss your state licensure and certification requirements for the professional practice of psychology. Be sure to specifically address the different occupations within psychology that are regulated by state licensure and certification; the specific requirements for a master’s and doctoral level clinician; your intended emphasis area, as well as what led you to become interested in this area; any anticipated potential career opportunities and ultimate goal for your degree. Address your own strengths and weaknesses at this time and how you plan to enhance your areas of strength and address any areas of weakness. Continuing your professional development is a vital component for maintaining your skill level and growing your knowledge base. Techniques widely utilized include multiple association memberships, advanced/continuing education courses, and association with and in both student and professional resource groups. Identify and discuss two professional membership organizations you can join and explain why each would be beneficial to your growth as a psychology professional. Then, identify and discuss one potential resource for you to utilize as a networking element and explain the steps you plan to take to realize the opportunity so presented. This resource might include a local clinic, psychologist in private practice, volunteer group, your state psychological association, etc. Evaluate and discuss the benefits presented by networking among such groups and how they might support your vocational goals and objectives.


Required Readings

1. Textbook:

Sternberg, R.J. (2010). Career paths in psychology: where your career can take you. (2nd ed.). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.

Chapter 16: Military Psychology: A Dynamic and Practical Application of Psychological Expertise

Chapter 18: A Psychologist in Managed Care: An Unexpected Career

Kuther, T.L. & Morgan, R.D. (2010). Careers in psychology: Opportunities in a changing world. (3rd ed.)Boston, MA:Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. ISBN: 978-0-495-


Chapter 5: Legal and Forensic Psychology

Chapter 11: Social and Consumer Psychology

Chapter 13: Graduate Level Careers in Psychology

Recommended Readings

1. Textbook:

Davis, S.F., Giordano, P.J., & Licht, C.A. (2009). Your career in psychology: putting your graduate degree to work. Massachusetts: John Wiley & Sons.

Chapter 13: Specialist versus Generalist Careers: Choosing Your Path

Chapter 21: Continuing Education and More Specialized Credentials

Required Website

American Psychological Association. Resource Guide.  http://apa.org/careers/resources/guides/careers.aspx

This website contains the link to a PDF file Resource Guide that contains information about the various roles that psychologists may perform as well as APA resources for students.

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