Discuss some negative outcomes for adopted children, as presented in the research.

  1. Discuss some
    negative outcomes for adopted children, as presented in the research. Do
    you think that all adoptees have more negative outcomes than non-adopted
    children? Explain your answer.
  2. Discuss ways
    in which genetic abnormalities can affect the course of a child’s
    development. How might adaptive behaviors be affected? How might genetic
    abnormalities affect a child in terms of heredity-environment
  3. Discuss the
    prenatal surgical procedure, as presented in the reading assignment “The
    Smallest Patient.” Do you think that there could be a negative side to
    saving babies who have defects? Explain your answer.
  4. Discuss
    postpartum depression. How does it compare to the “baby blues”? How might
    postpartum depression affect the parent-child relationship?
  5. Discuss some
    positive and negative outcomes of organized sports as a means of keeping
    children active. Do you think that organized sports are appropriate for
    children? Explain your answer.
  6. Discuss how
    the developmental milestone of learning to crawl is subject to individual
    differences in infants. What are some ways in which parents can help their
    child’s crawling skills? What are some things to avoid?
  7. Discuss some
    influences on children’s gender development. How do parents and siblings
    influence gender development? How does the use of gender stereotypes
    influence development? How do toys effect the construction of gender
  8. Discuss the
    difference between self-concept and self-esteem. What are some components
    of self-concept, and how is each related to real-world concepts?
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