Discuss creativity and innovation and its role in organisations.·

Question 1 (50% of Assignment 2)
1500w Case Study
For this part of the assignment you will consider the case of an organisation that manufactures building materials, and which is changing its image to a more ecological and environmentally friendly one. To do so, it is hiring newly qualified engineers, who will bring innovation and new technology to the organisation. You have been called in as an Occupational Psychologist to assist in the process of organisational change, and to ensure a smooth transition for employees. Your task is to discuss the processes of change that you may implement, with reference to psychological theory and research.
Question 2 (50% of Assignment 2)
1500w Case Study
In this part of the assignment, you should discuss the needs of the building manufacturer, for new staff and more innovation. Describe the methods and procedures for the recruitment and selection of engineers, as well as how you may recommend the organisation promotes and supports innovation, as a consulting Occupational Psychologist working on this case.
Use the following subheadings as guidelines:
a) Recruitment and Selection Strategy (50% of mark)
Discuss the procedures of recruitment and selection.·
Discuss and critically evaluate the selection methods available to you.·
Outline the strategy you will implement in this case.·
b) Promoting Innovation (25% of mark)
Discuss creativity and innovation and its role in organisations.·
Describe the ways this organisation can enhance the innovation of its staff.·
c) Reflection (25% of mark)
Reflect on the selection methods you have described, and consider the perspective of a job candidate/applicant. Use an example of when you were an applicant for a job or any other group or team you attempted to join, where selection methods were used. How do you feel about the process of ranking and comparing candidates for a position? What are some ethical guidelines you need to consider, to make the process of selection fair and comfortable for these candidates?·

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