Consider the information on strategic planning presented by Dr. Huston in this weeks media program, as well as in the other Learning Resources. SEE ATTACHED

Reflect on the unmet need you identified in this weeks Discussion, and consider any feedback you have received to your posting from your Instructor and colleagues. SEE ATTACHED
If appropriate, refine your focus to clarify the unmet need.
In addition to the steps you took in preparation for the Discussion, proceed as follows:
Investigate the background related to this unmet need. What conditions have contributed to this situation? Is there data (beyond what you identified for the Discussion) that should be examined?
Conduct research to assess what has been attempted in the past, by various individuals or organizations, to address this unmet need.
Think about any broader issues that should be examined to better understand this unmet need. For instance, consider economic, political, and/or social considerations.
Begin to draft your 2- to 3-page summary of the Issue (which will be submitted next week). In your summary, identity and/or describe:

The unmet need and how it is evident in the specific group, unit, or organization
The mission, vision, and values of the group, unit, or organization
Background, including:
Data from historical analysis and forecasting
Evidence from the literature
What has been attempted in the past by various individuals and groups to address this need

Which stakeholders should be included in the strategic planning process
Initial vision for addressing this need at the organizational or systems level, including at least one strategic goal
Broader issues to be considered

additional information
By now everyone should have a project on going and also should have all their data collected. The first part of the final project is due in two weeks. As a result of the two calls I will try to summarize key points

1) Your project and unmet need for the organization must be described in terms of a fiscal losss or an opportunity for additional revenue for the organization

2) The data presented can be presented in chart format and or graphic. (it is more powerful to the reader if presented in this format

3) The data presented must be retrospective for one year

4) The data should be financial, customer service focused

5) Please follow the outline carefully, read all of my announements carefully line by line to make sure you do not miss anything

3 or more APA style references

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