Define Emotion and say what develops in emotional development. Are other mental systems involved? What drives the process?

Define Emotion and say what develops in emotional development. Are other mental systems involved? What drives the process?

Define emotion. Attempt some form of definition. Be careful about dictionary definitions, although they can be useful. You may look to define it in a fashion by looking at what some consider to be its components.

(A major component of the question.) What develops in emotional development? So, what is the starting point? What is the origin? Note competing theories of emotions. How might they differ in answering this part of the question? (Hint. What develops and what does not develop?)

. Are other mental systems involved? Think of the complexity of being human, of emotional development, and of emotional responses. As well as our emotions developing ther processes also develop and an environmental process assists in this development.. What drives the process? (Hint. What kinds of experiences?)

The above are not meant to limit you if you can argue that you can give other points that are relevant
Prescribed texts are:
Berk, L.E (2013). Child Development. 9th Ed. Pearson.Sydney.
Wilson, R.L. & Wilson, R. (2015). Understanding emotional development: Providing insight into human lives (3 ed.). Abingdon: Routledge
Overall, check that you are answering the question. Be disciplined. There may be something that you desperately want to write about but it is not related to the question. Save it for another time.
Check that all aspects of the question are covered.
Check that you give theories and/or findings if they exist for the matter at hand.
Argue. Be prepared to see alternative points of view, if appropriate.
It is a reasoned essay that may contain some feeling. It is not a sermon, so don’t preach.
Check that your essay flows smoothly.
Try to be in the head of your reader, a point that I likely have made before. You have to assume some knowledge, but assume that you are not writing for an expert. Rather, assume that you are writing for a well educated psychologist who is not an expert in this area and you are the teacher.
Give a clear plan at the start and a reflective conclusion at the end.
Link your subsections (and your paragraphs if appropriate).
Proof your essay carefully. Spelling checkers are useful but can lead you astray.
Common errors of spelling are mixing up ‘its’ and ‘it’s’. The former is the possessive – an exception to the possessive rule, while the latter is the abbreviation for ‘it is’.
Don’t mix up affect and effect – check if you are unsure.
As a noun, affect is a word for emotion. As a verb it means to influence. “The bad weather has affected travellers lately.”
Effect as a noun can mean something that you own (personal belonging). It can also mean influence, as in ‘What effect did the loss of the game have?’ As a verb it means to bring about. ‘She effected a change in attitude through her kindness.’ Follow up on the internet for more examples.
Check that you cite and reference appropriately.

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