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Consider your past experiences either as a student, early child care professional, or teacher. Describe a creative episode similar to the two boys who found a frog in the text (Creativity and the Arts with Young Children, p.309), when the teacher (maybe you) seized the opportunity (the teachable moment) to inspire the children to branch out using their imagination, creativity, and interests. Why do you think this was such a memorable moment?


Two boys were exploring the outdoors and found a small frog. The teacher recognized their high interest and determined that this was an appropriate topic for a study. Their experience in nature provided the interest and stimulus for a long-term project on frogs. The teacher demonstrated her belief that this study could not only include informational learning but also be enriched by the use of the arts. She didn’t know a lot about frogs, so she joined the children in looking for information about them. Stories provided the content for the drama about frogs, and the music selection encouraged listening and moving to the “frog music.” A group mural was created through the collaboration of several children, who created visual representations of the frog’s environment. Another group of children investigated building a habitat for the frog in their classroom aquarium. All of the children were involved in active learning and used methods that matched their interests. At the conclusion of the study, the children shared their learning by making a giant book about frogs, creating a song about frogs, and demonstrating the development of the frog aquarium that emulated its outdoor environment. Finally, they returned the frog to its home, which led to their understanding that it needed to live in its natural habitat.

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