BA 621 Week 5 Discussion



Following the requirements below, students will participate in an online discussion each week. The purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to keep abreast of current trends and news in the broad field of marketing. Since the focus is on current matters, items referenced must be NO MORE THAN 6 MONTHS OLD. Students’ first post each week will include the following:

1. Link to article, video, blog post or other recent (< 6 months old) and professional source.

2. A synopsis of the content focusing on the marketing aspects. (3-4 paragraphs)

3. An explanation of how it relates to course material

4. A thought-provoking question related to the content of your post. Classmates will respond to each other’s questions in the two required replies. Be sure to post a question that leads to debate, in-depth consideration, or further questioning. Do not ask a yes/no question. Also avoid questions such as “Would you buy… “ or “Is that how you choose …” As professional marketers, we are concerned with our consumers’ behaviors, not our own. So if you are posting a question regarding consumer behavior (which you may or may not do), you might phase your question as “How might we know whether there is adequate demand for… “ or “Which target markets might respond most favorably to …”

Discussion requirements

 Participation is expected to be substantive.

A substantive posting is defined as participation that is rich, deep and probing. It sometimes piggybacks on someone else’s comment, challenging or adding more. Sometimes it is a new idea or question. Substantive input adds depth to a discussion and carries its own weight. It demonstrates that the student is using critical thinking skills and values the advancement of knowledge for self and others.

A checklist for substantive postings includes these questions:

· Does the response add a new insight to ideas already offered?

· Does it challenge previous ideas and add appropriate counter-thought?

· Does it give a sense of the “ah-ha,” and encourage deeper thought?

· Does it take enough time to “wallow” in an idea and ask probing questions?

· Does it demonstrate that you have done appropriate reading on the topic?

Criteria for grading

· The first post for every discussion should exhibit a strong statement to answer the main discussion question.

· This answer should incorporate a concise statement backed by readings from the class or another source, and it should stimulate further discussion.

· Examples should support theory when applicable. Reference your course reading.

· It should be approximately 250-300 words.

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