criminology due saturday



Resources: Criminology and Appendix A


Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation outlining the public policy implications of each of the criminological theories you have studied in this course: rational choice theories (Ch. 4), trait theories (Ch. 5), social structure theories (Ch. 6), social process theories (Ch. 7), social conflict theories (Ch. 8), and developmental theories (Ch. 9).


Include a thorough overview of the policy implications of various theoretical interpretations of crime.


Include 18 to 24 slides and speaker notes that describe, in detail, the content of each slide.


Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.


Use the University of Phoenix Library or the Internet to identify public policies and their results. The content of the slides must include the following:


·       Definition of theory

·       Explanation of how crime is interpreted according to the theory

·       Summary of policy implications

·       Example of public policy currently in effect

Results of the public policy 


needs to have the words all in times new roman 12 and apa microsoft power point presentation.

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