This weeks readings highlight the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction that have amassed at the federal, state, an local levels over the past several decades, which create heavy burdens on individuals attempting to reintegrate into society post-conviction. The Collateral Consequences Resource Center (CCRC; is an online repository of state laws in this area, and its Restoration or Rights Project (RRP; focuses specifically on laws and procedures for restoring rights and status following arrest or conviction.

For this assignment, review relevant Georgia statutes and rulings here: Comment on at least one rights restoration area by describing the process and offering a lay persons critique of how burdensome that process appears to you. Does it seem fair and straightforward? It is appropriately cautious and restrictive?

Next, review one or more Annual Reports from the State Board of Pardons and Paroles ( for statistics and information on restorations of civil and political rights. What do the statistics suggest to you about restorative justice in the state of Georgia? You can think about this in any number of ways, such as restorations as a percentage of applications received and/or parole certificates issued. In short, what insights can you derive regarding restoration of rights among returning inmates and supervised parolees from these (admittedly sparse) reports?

Your learning journal response to these questions is limited to 1,000 words (include word count at end of assignment).

Grading Rubric

Grading will be based on the following five criteria, each scored as excellent (10, 9), proficient (8), competent (7), or below standard (6 0).

1. Directly addresses the questions posed and fulfills the requirements of the assignment.
2. Core arguments, positions, and/or claims are clearly stated and identifiable.
3. Supporting information from readings or other sources is presented in an accurate and balanced way.
4. Writing style is insightful, witty, creative, and/or thought-provoking.
5. Grammar and syntax is clear, readable, and error-free.

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