Country Project Information

Country  :  Kosovo 

Country Project Information and Grading Criteria

1. A country has been assigned to you. Familiarize yourself with the culture, people and health system of your country through different publicly available resources including journals, books, published reports, foundation/project websites, technical reports, conference proceedings and datasets. All sources should be properly cited and referenced in APA style when used.

2. Read the Grading Criteria on the next page. Make sure you follow each point and address each of the issues raised. Put headings/sub-headings in your paper to help you ensure you hit all points.

3. Use credible, published sources of information for your research. These may include:

· Country Government websites

· International Agencies’ websites (e.g. World Health Organization, etc.)

· Published reports (e.g. Health Systems in Transitions Reports, etc.)

· Journal articles

· Course textbook

· Other books

· Personal interviews (if possible) with natives of your project country

A minimum of six (6) different sources of information and data is required. All resources should be appropriately cited and referenced using the APA format.

Every paragraph that you write must have at least one citation from the source(s) of information you used. If you use more than one source for that paragraph each source must be cited. 

  • The following website      commonly referred to as Purdue OWL is a very useful guide for using APA      format. Go to:



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