Country Project

Country Project

The Country Project Presentation consists of two parts:

  1. Written PowerPoint Presentation
  2. Oral presentation
  3. Topic: Each student chooses one country (no duplicates) and becomes an expert on its trade, including:
  4. Exports: value and what industries. Trend analysis.
  5. Imports: value and what industries. Trend analysis.
  6. Resources (natural and other)
  7. Foreign direct investment: inflow and outflow values and from which countries
  8. Culture (to the extent that it affects trade)
  9. Political system, government trade policies, and international memberships (e.g., WTO, IMF, etc.)
  10. Regional trade agreements (how many, with whom, and outcomes)

You have been asked by the executive leadership team of your organization to investigate the possibility of doing business in a foreign country of your choosing. You are to do the research and discover the information needed to help them make the final decision, based on your recommendation.  Now, you need to deliver this is some digital form as they will not be able to be there in person for you to deliver the details.

So, you need to record a presentation for them.  You can use any screen capture, video captures tools you would like, and prepare a PowerPoint presentation which contains the details of your findings.  You may explore other technology for the audio component of you can simply use PowerPoint and add audio to each slide.

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