Considerations For E- Commerce Development

Considerations For E- Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development

Some companies start with a traditional business model and modify their approach to build a strong e-commerce presence. Companies such as Walmart and Toys R Us were founded before the Internet was common; yet dominate their market space. That domination did not happen by accident. There are several key ingredients to developing an e-commerce site (bulleted below) and Walmart and Toys R Us have been very successful in e-commerce.

  • Easy of navigate site
  • Easy checkout
  • Strong branding
  • The site design matches the products offered
  • Effective use of product photos

(2  or 3 paragraphs)

For this work think about a recent purchase you or someone you know made online. Outline what was involved in the purchasing decision. Think of the company, have they built a strong e-commerce presence? What makes them successful? What makes you want to purchase products and services from them?

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