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  • Please write your IP range and network sizes in the subject Line. Or at least, write them in the first lines of your posting. This way we will not have to go back to the top of the discussion thread to see if your calculations were done correctly. Also, please present one table for FLSM and one table for VLSM using the following format, this will help everyone to read your calculations:

Here are your assigned address block and subnets. Please post your response for Week Five’s Discussion here. Please be mindful that even though you have a large range of addresses to use (prefix length 22), you must not be wasteful and find thigh FLSM and VLSM range assignments that satisfy your requirements.

Student Assignments of Address Blocks and Subnet Sizes




Address Block

Size of Subnet 1

Size of Subnet 2

Size of Subnet 3


sam sam





Subnet #

Prefix Length

Subnet Mask

# Required Hosts

Max # of Hosts

Network Address

First Address

Last Address

Broadcast Address


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