You will write the essay using a third person perspective with no direct references to your personal experiences.  You will be expected to have no less than 5 distinct references used to support your writing.  the page requirement should be no less than 30 pages using 12 distinct references. this essay is off three questions so it should be three essays 10 pages each which equal 30pages total.

Define strategic management within a framework of total quality service (TQS) for a food service organization.  Address key issues related to planning, implementing, and monitoring performance.
Define Value Consciousness and explain how it relates to providing a service and competitive advantage. Compare and contrast two examples from commercial and non-commercial foodservice operations.
Define and distinguish between “Duties of care” and “Standards of care”.  Identify, compare, and contrast examples from commercial and non-commercial foodservice operations. Identify internal and external influences that may affect the performance of care and how those influences can be managed to prevent liability.

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