Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

due in 8 hours

2 pages

2 competitors are already given.

you will need to find 2 more competitors.

then you will be need to write the competitor analysis (4 competitors)

2pages long.

App that consolidates all of the streaming services you pay for (OneWave)


1. Target customers and their attributes:

People who subscribe to multiple streaming services or people who are interested in doing so. 

a. These people are looking for a more convenient way to watch all of their favourite shows. (ie. watch family guy, simpsons, and friends all in the same place — instead of netflix, amazon prime video, disney plus, hbo max, and etc.)

a. These people are the primary purchasers of the services (ie. the parent who pays, not the children that use the service)


0. These people’s problems/needs are:

a. They are required to subscribe to multiple streaming services to watch their favourite shows because not all streaming services offer the same shows/movies

b. New streaming services are constantly being created with exclusive rights to shows (hbo max is coming out in may, announced it will have friends reboot)

c. There isn’t one single platform that allows people to view their shows from multiple streaming services.


0. Importance of the problems/needs:

a. It is a major inconvenience to flip through several apps to find the show you want to watch.

b. Streaming services are taking over as the way people view tv. Cable tv’s major advantage is that it is convenient; customers pay bell, shaw, etc. to provide them with the channels they subscribe to in one place. With cable tv dying, there is a void to be filled in the streaming industry.


0. Solution:

a. Our solution is to consolidate the streaming services people pay for via a third party app. Essentially we will be the cable-service-providing equivalent of the streaming industry. Customers will pay us to bundle whichever services they choose to subscribe to, and we will provide them with the shows in one convenient place.


0. Benefits/advantages

a. We will be first to market; there are currently no providers that offer this service.

b. It makes people’s streaming experience much more convenient, as there isn’t a need to switch between apps if they want to quickly change tv shows. The user interface will allow customers to smoothly transition between streaming services.

c. You can search for tv shows and movies through every service you subscribe to.

d. Our users will only have to pay one subscription fee a month, instead of paying all streaming services individually.


Rough Script

· As time goes on, tv streaming services are becoming more and more popular. Every day it seems like there is a new streaming service that is offering exclusive access to your favourite shows.

· But let me ask you this, how often have you had to search through netflix to find the movie you were hoping to watch, then close out of the app because it wasn’t there. Then open up amazon prime and search through with no luck again. And then move to load up disney plus… To where the cycle repeats.

· If only there was a way to have access to all of the streaming services you pay for in one convenient place.

· Now there is. Introducing ONEWAVE. The one stop shop for all of your streaming services.

· This app has the potential to have an unlimited amount of new subscribers. Our target group is anyone currently using a streaming service, cell phone or smart tv.

· OneWave is a third party app that provides users to all streaming services offered in one app. You get all the movies and Tv shows you subscribe to in one convenient location, with one convenient monthly fee.

· Users pay us for the subscription services then they choose which streaming services they are willing to pay for and we provide them with the content in our OneWave app.

· It is essentially the exact same as a cable TV provider. For example, you pay shaw for a bundle of different channels, and from there you can see every channel you pay for all conveniently located in the same place

· No more wasting time switching through your apps that you pay for, OneWave is your one-stop-shop for all of your streaming service needs.

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