Module 2 – Case
Assignment Overview
In this module, you will be completing the SLP assignment before doing the Case Assignment. After you have completed the SLP assignment, return to this page to work on the Case Assignment.

Case Assignment
Prepare and deliver an informative speech that would be approximately two minutes (equates to two typed pages) in length. The speech should follow your outline completed for the SLP in Module 2.

An informative speech is one that aims to inform the audience about a given topic. We were all born in a city, a township, or the country. We call this our hometown. This will be the topic of your speech, and will require research. A minimum of two references are required and must be included and credited within the speech. Always make an effort to personalize your content and engage your audience. Your hometown has a story to tell, so consider researching demographics, location, and historical significance to get you started. Use the online information below to also assist.

Talbot, M. J. (n.d.). How to write an informative speech about a city. Retrieved January 13, 2016, from

This speech must be submitted in audio format (Audio Recorder, Webcam or Smart Device). Please title the saved file with YOUR NAME and SVC101 M2 Case.

Also, please make sure to filter any background noise. Your speech should be a minimum of 2 minutes in length. If your speech is more than 4 minutes long or 85 MB, you will need to compress your files before uploading. Please submit an e-ticket from the TLC homepage if you have problems uploading due to file size.

MyTLC Courses only supports the following media formats: SWF, MPG, MPEG, RM, MP3, MP4*, M4V*, M4A*, AVI, WAV, RAM, ASF, MOV, and RA.

How To:

Record voice memos on the iPod, iPhone

McElhearn, K. (2010). Record voice memos on the iPod, iPhone. Macworld. Accessed on July 24, 2015, at

Record audio with Sound Recorder

Sound recorder app for Windows: FAQ. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Apps to Record on Android

Shariar, K. M. (2016). 7 best free Android voice recorder app. Accessed on February 17, 2017, at

Assignment Expectations
Create a two-minute informative speech based on the Module 2 SLP outline and record in audio format.

*bonus question it to be written at the end with its title stating bonus question*

View Ash Beckhams speech, and respond to the following:

Discuss whether or not Beckham opens her speech with an effective attention-getter.
What is Beckhams thesis (main point or message)?
List some of Beckhams main points as well as the details/examples she uses as support.
Is Beckhams conclusion effective? Explain why or why not.
Discuss the takeaway for you in this speech. Were there any memorable lines or moments? What message might you take and use in your everyday life?

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