choose one following questions and follow criteria


Choose one of the following essay questions:


1. Write an essay about a major reform of the national machinery of government (Brownlow Committee, Hoover Commissions, or Reinventing Government)


2. Write an essay about the relationships between governments and non-profit organizations


3. Write an essay about the role of citizens in the machinery of government.

4. Discuss these two forms of government privatization: The sale of government assets and the private financing of public facilitie



The essays are THREE PAGE well-crafted papers in which you will:


  •   Identify the central problems/issues/ of the topic or provide a brief background of the topic, if appropriate.

  •   State your thesis.

  •   Support your position (thesis) with research findings/examples/illustrations.

  •   Provide some potential solutions to the problem/issue if appropriate

  •   In-text citations and references in APA style (do not use the textbook or Wikipedia as

    references; at least, four (4) sources are required, including newspapers, books,

    government or organization documents, or peer reviewed articles). 

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