Charles Koch, an American businessman and philanthropist

Charles Koch, an American businessman and philanthropist, recently wrote a book entitled Good Profit, where he states that a company should not only strive to make a profit, but to make ‘good profit.’ Mr. Koch defines ‘good profit,’ as the ” results from products and services that customers vote for freely with their dollars; products that help improve people’s lives. It results from a culture where employees are empowered to act entrepreneurially to discover customers’ preferences and the best ways to satisfy them. Good profit is the earnings that follow when long-term value is created for everyone — customers, employees, shareholders, and society.” (


Can you apply the idea of ‘good profit’ to a government run program, such as the Affordable Healthcare Act? If no, why does it only work for the private sector, and should the government allow them to handle more programs such as the AHA? If yes, should government rely less on ‘good profit’ and more on ethical decision making, or sustain the current balance.

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