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 There are so many aspects of being “healthy”. It can be challenging to give attention to every area of health that needs care. For example some people might be in good physical health but be lacking in the area of mental health, which consequently can have negative impacts on your physical wellbeing. I have always been pretty healthy in terms of getting enough exercise and eating healthy. Nursing school has definitely taken a tole on my health. My body does not handle stress well at all and I can feel the negative impact the stress of school, work and being a single mom has taken on me. I was able to manage much better in the beginning, I was going to yoga a lot and eating really healthy. The last 6 months I have been going to the gym less and less and the stress has robbed me of my appetite which has caused me to lose weight and lose energy. I have been working to get a handle on my mental health so that I can push through the rest of the program in a health way and not be so stressed out. I have been doing research into burnout and how to combat it. I have started doing more meditation to try and clear my head and taking my life one day at a time in order to not get overwhelmed. It is so important to focus on every aspect of health so that we can be well enough to take care of our families and our patients.  

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