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 Political Issues for Nursing

I would say that a safe and healthy work environment would have to be the one I am interested in. The World Health Organization defines a healthy environment as a place of “physical, mental, and social well-being” supporting optimal health and safety (2019). Safe environment isn’t just keeping us physically safe but the mental aspect is so important. ¬†We need to be confident and report something that we feel is unsafe or unethical whether it is for us nurses or if it is pertaining to a patient. If we report, we can’t be afraid of retribution. The management team needs to be supportive and make a real effort to better assist the nurses. If there is a patient who is making the nurses feel uncomfortable, the nurses need to bring it up so the patient is aware and so that it does not happen again. More than likely if it makes us uncomfortable or even scared it is affecting other patients if they happen to see it.


ANA. (2019). Healthy Work Environment. Retrieved from

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