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Nurses play a crucial role in health care. Nurses have a major role to play in demonstrating that access to care and quality management are essential components in health care. Nurses lead efforts to redesign roles and restructure health care organizations. Nurse leaders and managers go beyond obtaining education in business techniques to gaining skill in adapting that knowledge to meet the specific needs of delivery of cost-effective, quality care. Leadership and management roles for nurses are proliferating in health care organizations that are developing or evolving in response. (Yoder-Wise, 2014). A robotic sytstem in nursing is a very complicating process.A RoNA is highly desired to enhance the efficacy and quality of care that nurses and their paraprofessional staff can provide. A robotic system can incorporate the clinical judgment used by nurses, by letting the RoNA assist while nurses make the clinical judgment. Such an assistant could improve a nurse’s working conditions by off-loading some of their most physically demanding duties. This would lead less stress and work for nurses so that nurses are able to come up with an a appropriate clinical judgment (Hu, Edsinger & Lim, 2011). Without nurses their wouldn’t be anyone to fill  roles that require knowledge and skills to coordinate the care of patients or communities with the many other disciplines. Also without nurses our society won’t have anyone who can engage in the political process of policy development and coordinate care across disciplines and settings (Yoder-Wise, 2014).


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