Case Study#2

Case Study#2

Read and complete the case study titled, “BREITT, STARR & DIAMOND LLC.” on page 369 at the end of Chapter 12.

Read the entire case study and answer the (3) questions that immediately follow it.

Submission Details:

Approximately 500-750 words total.

APA format for your citations when writing up the case.

Use the attached document to develop your ideas.

Please review the sample case study that is attached. This is the work of a previous student that scored fairly well on this assignment. Please do not copy this case study but use it as a guide to understand my expectations for this case.


Case Study #2 (pg. 368-369)


Discussion Questions:


1. Assume that hiring a General Manager of Operations was a good idea. What leadership style would be most effective in this position (General Manager of Operations)? Why?














2. What leader behaviors did Brad Howser exhibit? How well did they fit the needs of the ad agency?










3. Consider your own leadership style. What are some of your tendencies, and how might you change your perspective?

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