In December 2014, the University of Alabama at Birmingham eliminated football. Only 6 months later, the University decided to reinstate the program. This is a perfect example of a decision that required a tremendous amount of analysis and regardless of the decision made, had those that agreed or disagreed with the decision.

Please address the following questions:

  1. Discuss two specific reasons UAB should not have eliminated football.
  2. Discuss two specific reasons why UAB should have eliminated football.
  3. After critical analyses please provide your answer to the question, “Did UAB make the right decision in reinstating football? Please provide specific research to support your answer.
  4. FBS Schools such as UAB, often discuss the idea that they “want to be like Boise State or most recently, University of Central Florida because of their success in football. What do you think those schools have done to achieve that success and do you believe it is possible for a school like UAB to be the next Boise State or UCF?

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