Case Study Project

Case Study Project

 Please prepare a report with a minimum of 8 pages (first page being the cover page and last page being the reference page, making it 6 pages of information). It should be single-spaced, with 12pt font and times new roman. Please make sure to include the source (reference) for any fact or figure stated.

The report should be answer ALL of these questions:


1. Financial Crisis of 2008

a. Context: What is securitization? What is the historical background? (Please make sure to explain the concepts of special purpose vehicle, structured investment vehicle, CMO, CDO, CDS.)

b. Application: Critically examine the factors that lead to the financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent measures to restore markets to normality (i.e. Troubled Asset Relief Program and Quantitative Easing)

c. Illustration: List 4 (official) decisions that the relevant authorities took amid the financial meltdown. Explain the prospect of the economy and the rationale behind each decision.

d. Critical Thinking: In your opinion, were these decisions aligned with the stated objectives aimed?

The report should be written like an essay!! Do not put question and answer, just answer all of them together in an essay! NO plagiarizing! Will be turned in n turnout in!

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