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Case Study

A 17-year-old female presents to your ER with her boyfriend. She has a disheveled appearance and poor hygiene. She reports “Please help, I can’t pee”. The health history reveals that this young patient last urinated about 8 hours ago and is now feeling very uncomfortable. You ordered an indwelling catheter and the nurse reports an output of 1500 ml of cloudy urine. Urinalysis is positive for nitrites, large ketones, trace blood, and large number of bacteria. Glucose is negative.

Vital signs: BP 160/90, HR 120, R 22, Weight 107 lbs., Height 5’6”, BMI 17.

What additional history would you obtain from this patient?

What are your treatment goals for this patient?

If you plan to start drug treatment today, what is your choice, dose, and duration of treatment.

Provide patient education regarding your choice of treatment, as well as non-pharmacologic aspect of treatment.

(references peer reviewed, less than 5 years old, APA 6th edition)

Limit to 4 pages double space:

Cover: 1st page

Content: 2nd and 3rd page

References: 4th page (references peer reviewed, less than 5 years old, APA 6th edition)

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