Case Analysis Sections

Case Analysis Sections, Final Case Analysis Project – Constraints And Limiting Factors And Implementation Of Best Solution And Evaluate Leadership Decisions

┬áConstraints and Limiting Factors Points Range:3.6 (9%) – 4 (10%) Thoroughly: -Discusses constraints and limiting factors that would impede upon the ability to successfully implement each proposed solution for the core and secondary problems. – Provides supporting rationale for each constraint and limiting factor.

Implementation of Best Solution Points Range:5.4 (13.5%) – 6 (15%) Thoroughly: -Identifies the best solution for the core problem. Provides supporting rationale. – Clearly identifies the best solution for the secondary problem. Provides supporting rationale.

Evaluate Leadership Decisions Points Range:3.6 (9%) – 4 (10%) Clearly identifies three leadership qualities/strategies/ theories utilized by the primary leader when making decisions. Provides the specific outcome of using each quality/strategy/theory. Clearly identifies one additional

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