Case 2 448

1: Please provide a detailed background and summary of the case. In the summary, please ensure to discuss the context of the case from the following perspectives:

· The Johnson Family

· Ms. Katherine Ross, RN

· Ms. Megan Smith, RN

· Ms. Maria Montez, BSW

Please ensure to discuss the important points and use subtitles (or labels) to organize your response (10 Points).

2: Please discuss the changes in the reimbursement system as they relate to the change from volume based reimbursements to value based reimbursements. With this response, please also ensure to explain the following:

· Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP)

· The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey (HCAPS).

How do these areas related to the circumstances at Methodist Hospital?  (External research from respectable sources is required to answer this question. Please use subtitles (or labels) to organize your response) (20 Points).

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