BZ460 Lesson 2 Exam SCORE 95 PERCENT

BZ460 Lesson 2 Exam SCORE 95 PERCENT

The implementation of the new procedure is expected to reduce costs of production by 10% over the next year. This is an example of the __________ in a project charter.

Question options:


project description


project objective


acceptance criteria


success criteria and expected   benefits


Question 2

The building constructed will have at least R-38 insulation rating for the ceiling and R-28 for the walls. This is an example of the __________ in a project charter.

Question options:


success criteria and expected   benefits


project description


project objective


acceptance criteria


Question 3

The contractor should state its understanding of the customer’s need:

Question options:


by including complex graphics to   show expertise.


in its own words with a   description of the customer’s current condition.


adding lots of information about   other projects that are similar.


by restating the problem statement   that appears in the RFP.


Question 4

A project charter summarizes the:

Question options:


project objective.


detailed description of the   project.


key conditions and parameters of   the project.


funding and contracting of the   project.


Question 5

Proposal preparation is completed by:

Question options:


a single person when proposing a   multimillion-dollar project.


a proposal manager regardless of   the project size.


a large team for a simple project.


one or more people depending upon   the requirements of the proposal.


Question 6

A way to foster trust is to:

Question options:


get insider information about a   company then share it with a competitor.


ask about upcoming RFPs a company   is planning.


be reliable and responsive.


only contact the customer when   planned.


Question 7

The first step in project selection is to:

Question options:


gather data and information for   each project.


list assumptions.


evaluate each project against the   criteria.


develop a set of criteria against   which a project will be evaluated.


Question 8

A BAFO requested by a customer is a:

Question options:


best and first offer from the   contractor.


base accounting and finance office   clarification from the contractor.


best and final offer from the   contractor.


clarification request for broad,   ambiguous, frivolous, and obscure aspects of the proposal.


Question 9

A contractor bidding on a fixed-price project must develop:

Question options:


a well-defined project with low   risk.


accurate and complete cost   estimates and include sufficient contingency costs.


techniques to control costs and   reduce expenses to make a larger profit.


techniques to determine the   cost-at-completion with actual expenditures.


Question 10

Fixed-price contracts are most appropriate for projects that:

Question options:


are well defined and entail little   risk.


take less than one year to   complete.


are with customers that want a   single payment date.


involve risk.


Question 11

It is advisable to build relationships with __________ in a client or partner organization.

Question options:


the chief financial officer


several key people


the top ranking official


one individual


Question 12

Your company has been supplying a local company with warehouse management. A proposed project requires warehouse management in 15 national locations. This is an example of how the contractor could:

Question options:


develop its proposal writing   skills by bidding on the project.


hurt its local reputation by   working on projects with other companies.


extend its capabilities and expand   its business to a larger customer base.


take on too much risk because they   have only worked with a small company.


Question 13

When making contingency estimates, the contractor should:

Question options:


heavily pad the estimates to   include every issue.


include an amount for each issue   that has high impact.


estimate the amount to mitigate   high impact and probable issues.


include a small amount for each   possible issue.


Question 14

The project title should:

Question options:


state what is expected to be   accomplished.


summarize the need and   justification for the project.


state the major end products or   items expected to be produced.


be concise and create a vision for   the end result of the project.


Question 15

The new employees are expected to receive $13 million of Fast Start training that will be provided by a state workforce development grant. This is an example of the __________ in a project charter.

Question options:


key assumptions


project description


acceptance criteria


success criteria and expected   benefits


Question 16

Sleeping on a contradictory issue and providing a thoughtful answer the next day:

Question options:


gives you time to find a comic   strip to include that expresses your political point of view.


reinforces your thoughtfulness and   builds a positive perception of you by the customer.


lets you get more information to   prove the client was wrong.


reinforces that you cannot make   quick decisions.


Question 17

The contract must clearly spell out the:

Question options:


names of those responsible for   tasks.


deliverables the contractor is   expected to provide.


level of risk acceptable by the   contractor.


number of contact hours the   contractor must have with the customer.


Question 18

Customers and partner organizations prefer to work with people they:

Question options:


know are lean companies with few   employees.


have read about.


know and trust.


know are very large with many employees.


Question 19

An assumption for a construction project could be:

Question options:


the size of the building that is   to be constructed.


a grant will be secured to help   fund the project.


the regulations and codes required   for the building.


the materials to be used to   construct the building.


Question 20

A good way to start a conversation with a potential customer at XYZ Company is:

Question options:


“How did your son’s football   team do this season?”


“Did your sales increase this   year?”


“I just finished a meeting   with Grace from ABC. She told me about their new products.”


“We are working on a project   for ABC Company.”

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