BZ400 Lesson 3 Exam SCORE 100 PERCENT

BZ400 Lesson 3 Exam SCORE 100 PERCENT

Question   1

A __________ provides a way for different components of software to interact and exchange data or functionality using common Web communication protocols.

Question options:




tag cloud


Web X3D


static website


Question 2

Social presence tools are also known as __________ tools.

Question options:


social bookmarking






instant chatting


Question 3

__________ sites create social online communities where individuals with a broad and diverse set of interests meet and collaborate.

Question options:


Social cataloging


Social networking


Social bookmarking




Question 4

The term __________ marketing was coined by Harvard business professor Jeffrey Rayport to describe how good marketing techniques can be driven by word-of-mouth or person-to-person communication.

Question options:










Question 5

The network effect refers to the notion that the value of a network is dependent on the:

Question options:


knowledge of the users.


number of other users.


commitment of the users.


speed of the network.


Question 6

Social bookmarking allows users to share Internet bookmarks and to create categorization systems. These categorization systems are referred to as:

Question options:


geospatial metadata.


tag clouds.






Question 7

Which of the following statements is true about a content management system?

Question options:


The creation of the goods or   services is dependent on the incremental contributions of the participants.


It is the creation of goods or   services by self-organizing communities.


It allows the assignment of   different roles for different users.


Anyone can help in producing or   improving the final outcome of the goods and services.


Question 8

Cloud-based collaboration tools:

Question options:


require users to frequently   upgrade their software.


reduce the risk of exposing   sensitive corporate data.


have well-documented procedures   for system complexities.


allow for easy transferability of documents   from one person to another.


Question 9

The __________ Web, originally envisioned by Tim Berners-Lee, one of the founders of the Internet, is a set of design principles that will allow computers to be able to better index websites, topics, and subjects.

Question options:










Question 10

__________ takes the concept of companies having used self-employed consultants to work on individual projects or provide content a step further by enabling people to work in more flexible ways on a variety of Internet-related projects.

Question options:










Question 11

Which of the following statements is true about a discussion forum?

Question options:


It started out as a novice’s way   of expressing himself using very simple Web pages.


It is dedicated to a specific   topic, and users can start new threads.


It is the process of creating an   online text diary made up of chronological entries that comment on   everything.


It is a widely used synchronous   groupware tool.


Question 12

An electronic __________ is essentially a collection of personal computers networked together with sophisticated software tools to help group members solve problems and make decisions through interactive electronic idea generation, evaluation, and voting.

Question options:


data interchange


meeting system


fund transfer




Question 13

__________ attempts to increase the relevance of search results by including content from blogs and microblogging services.

Question options:






Social search


Enterprise search


Question 14

Which of the following statements is true about peer production?

Question options:


It is also known as enterprise   content systems.


The creator is responsible for   publishing new information.


Only editors have the right to   develop new content.


Anyone can help in producing or improving   the final outcome.


Question 15

Which of the following facilitates real-time written conversations?

Question options:


Status updates




Discussion forums


Instant messaging


Question 16

Which of the following benefits of groupware enables many people to speak and listen at the same time?

Question options:






Group memory


Process structuring


Question 17

__________ is a phenomenon where companies use everyday people as a cheap labor force.

Question options:










Question 18

__________ refers to manually adding metadata to media or other content.

Question options:










Question 19

Which of the following is a consequence of the use of social software?

Question options:


People have increased purchasing   power.


People are using   environmentally-friendly products.


People are sharing more personal   information online.


People are using encyclopedias as   sources of unbiased information.


Question 20

Which of the following is a collaboration management tool that is used to facilitate virtual or collocated meetings?

Question options:






Video conferencing


Internet forums

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