Assignment Instructions

Learning objective:  Identify essential elements for a successful portfolio; Prepare a portfolio that can be used with potential employers.

Prompt:  Prepare and review documents to build an effective portfolio representing your skills


You have been uploading files to Portfolium over the duration of this class. As the final step in this process, you need to prepare your work in a format that will be beneficial to you in your career. Compile your documents in the following order:

Cover letter
Transcripts (for now, add the name/address of the APUS Registrar as contact)
Letters of Recommendation (for now, add the names of possible contacts)
Executive Summary
Program Learning Summaries
Appendix (if you decided to include individual course final projects)
Additional Information (optional)
conferences and meetings attended
awards or recognitions received
fellowships submitted
presentations given
copies of published articles
evidence of specialized training/courses attended
details of certifications or licenses obtained
memberships in professional associations
serving in the undergraduate student committee

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