Group Project – Outline Collaboration


Use this forum to collaborate with your group. Briefly describe how  the Bible is related to current course topics. An explicit integration  of the Bible must be present in order to receive points. Use 3 scholarly  sources other than the textbook and Bible to substantiate the group’s  position.

The Group Project – Outline must be complete with  titles, planned sections, and a sample list of your sources. Submit the  Group Project – Outline in the required links..

Use this forum to collaborate as a group before submitting the Group Project – Final in the required links


Performance appraisals p.59 in textbook/ Proverbs 27:23


Group Project Instructions

The purpose of the Group Project is to generate interaction among students in regard to relevant current course topics with faith integration. Groups will be assigned by the instructor based on random selection by Module/Week 4. A minimum 1,000-word essay will be worked on as a group based on the prompt given.

Each group will complete a 1-page project outline and tentative reference page on an approved topic. The reference page will contain a minimum of 5 scholarly sources. This assignment must be in current APA format.

Each group is to select 3 broad course topics (e.g., pay for performance; person-based versus job-based pay determination; fair pay). Discuss those topics in light of a biblical worldview. For instance, consider and discuss pay fairness in relation to the Christian worldview of fairness.

In addition to the Bible, the essay must include at least 3 other outside scholarly sources in current APA format (the text may count as one) to substantiate the group’s position. Each reply must cite at least 2 sources. Acceptable sources include the Bible (which is required), the text, and other scholarly sources.

Each paper must be submitted in current APA format with an introduction and conclusion. It must be presented as though it is a “whole” paper, well edited, not individually written in parts and then pieced  together.

Individual projects are not allowed. Lack of participation is not acceptable and will result in a grade of 0. In other words, the instructor will review levels of contribution in order to determine individual grades in relation to the group grade.

Submit your outline by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday of Module/Week 5.

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